Our Mission

To Care, Empower and Enhance the Quality of Life of Our Patients.

Our Core Values

  • Care and Compassion
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

Our Logo

This logo expresses what we want to give our patients consistently: value quality treatment.

The 2 kidneys that we have in each of us have been drawn to resemble a human 「head」 and 「arms」, portrayed by the Chinese character 「人」. The circle in the center connects the kidneys and highlights our patient-centric care with 「Trust and Compassion」.

The colour 「Blue」 has been specially chosen to bring out the sense of clearness and healing. This colour is also known to symbolise professionalism and the medical industry.


关心, 充权 并且致力于改善我们病人的生活品质


  • 关心与恻隐之心
  • 卓越
  • 革新
  • 尊重
  • 团队合作



我们的标志就像人体的两个肾脏,若以中国汉字中的人来比喻,就像头和手臂一样交错,我们以此警惕自己要提供以病人为中心 的高水準服务且发挥 ”信任” 与 ”关爱”的精神对待病人。

“蓝色”是精心挑选的颜色,以突显清新和痊愈的用意。此颜色也 象征着医疗行业的专业精神。

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