Dialysis in Singapore for Foreigners

One of the most frequently asked questions by our dialysis patients is this: Can I still travel while on dialysis? Our quick answer: Yes, most patients are still able to travel safely, but of course, with the advice of their doctor.

Travelling is a common concern of people who are considering the possibility of undergoing dialysis treatment. Some are worried they might not be able to perform well at work anymore – attending a conference or business meeting abroad. Others fret that they might not be able to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.- enjoying the quality time with loved ones.

This is a common misconception. However, you should know that travelling is still absolutely possible for dialysis patients as long as you consult with your doctor.

But how do you carry on with your treatments while away from home? Through holiday dialysis. This service offered by top dialysis centres around the world, including RenalTeam. It involves you being able to continue your dialysis treatments in branches or partners located at your destination. With the help of your centre, holiday dialysis is organised well in advance to ensure that your trip syncs with your treatment schedule.

What are the benefits of going on holiday dialysis in Singapore?

1. Freedom to travel

Holiday dialysis gives you the ability to spend some nice time away from home – maybe tour a new country, visit a relative, or attend a corporate meeting abroad.

2. State-of-the-art facilities

Singapore is Asia’s technology capital. With our access to advanced equipment, you can rest assured that you’ll be given a prime quality of dialysis service.

3. Full assistance

Your trusted dialysis centre will help you plan all the necessary things that need to be coordinated so you can still carry on with your treatments here without any worries.

4. Opportunity to meet new people

Going on holiday dialysis is an amazing time to meet new people. This is a chance to get to know a different dialysis team.

5. Opportunity to see new places

Singapore has some of the world’s most scenic architectural landscapes. Going on holiday dialysis is a chance to explore all these beautiful sights and experience the Singaporean culture.

Why choose RenalTeam in Singapore as your holiday dialysis partner?

RenalTeam is a premiere dialysis centre that allows travelling patients to continue with their treatments at one of our centres in Singapore. The team offers renal services executed by their experienced and friendly staffs, from convenient locations across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, providing flexible dialysis schedules to meet your needs.

Travelling to Singapore soon? Know more about our holiday dialysis service or talk to us directly at +65 6397 3360.

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