Cost of Dialysis Treatment in Singapore

Dialysis is truly a life-changing procedure. When kidneys fail to perform, dialysis comes to work by taking over the kidney’s job while it doesn’t have the ability to carry out these tasks anymore. In short, the procedure helps keep the body in balance by filtering wastes and other excess fluid to prevent these from building up.

But how much does it really cost to avail a dialysis treatment in Singapore? To help you plan your budget, here’s a comprehensive overview. The cost of hemodialysis treatment in private centres usually starts at $2,500 per month.

Reasons Why You Need to Push Through With Dialysis at All Cost

Clearly, while it is true that dialysis improves the lives of kidney failure patients, the aid it brings doesn’t come cheap. Here are major reasons why you need to push through with your dialysis treatment if your doctor advised you to be suitable for the procedure.

  1. Without the help of dialysis, bodily wastes will accumulate in your blood, poison your body, and damage your other organs.
  2. Dialysis can help your body keep blood pressure at bay and maintain the proper balance of bodily fluids and minerals.
  3. Dialysis will help you carry on an active lifestyle despite kidney failure.

Financial Assistance for Dialysis Patients

Lack of financial resources shouldn’t hinder dialysis patients from receiving necessary medical procedures to improve their quality of life. There are funding options available to help patients who are in need of financial assistance to support their dialysis treatment. Take note of the following.

  • MediSave Scheme: Singaporeans and permanent residents can withdraw up to $450 per month per patient
  • MediShield Scheme: Singaporeans and permanent residents can withdraw up to $1000 per month per patient
  • Private Medical Insurance: Terms depend on the insurance policy
  • Voluntary Welfare Organisations  (VWO): Singaporeans and permanent residents who are financially needy will be subject to a financial assessment by VW.
  • Ministry of Health (MOH) Subsidy: Singaporeans and permanent residents assessed to be eligible by the MOH will be subject to a household means test.

For a piece of comprehensive information on this, head over to our Payment & Funding page. You may also check out the details of Central Provident Fund Board’s MediSave, MediShield and other funding schemes here and here. Alternatively, you may directly reach out to our dialysis centers near you or send us your questions though our contact form.

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