What is the dialysis treatment like?

The treatment at our centres is called haemodialysis treatment, it is also referred to as dialysis treatment or simply treatment for short.  The treatment time is around 4 hours, 3 times a week. Here is a brief description of the treatment:

Patients on dialysis treatment in our centre will be sitting on dialysis chairs known as Medical Recliners.  Although the treatment should be the same as what you have gone through in the hospital, please do not hesitate to ask our staff for help or clarifications

Meanwhile, here are some helpful pointers to see you through your dialysis treatment at our centres:

Before treatment

  1. Wash your hands.  Hand washing (or the use of hand sanitizer in the centre) before and after your treatment is a must to prevent the spread of infection.
  2. Our staff will take your weight.  They will be present at the scale to ensure accuracy.  This reduces the risk of removing too much or too little fluid from your body over the session of your treatment.
  3. They will take your blood pressure, standing and sitting.
  4. They will check your vital signs and perform a physical assessment.
  5. The haemodialysis session is usually four hours.  During that time, we will take your blood pressure periodically and monitor your progress at the dialysis machine.
  6. You are free to read, use our wireless internet service, watch television, talk to fellow patients and nurses, sleep or exercise from the dialysis chair.

During treatment

Each dialysis station has a television set for your viewing.  To reduce noise in our centre, we ask that you use the headphone which is provided to you.

Cell phone use is allowed only when your hands are free.

We provide free wireless internet service for our patients and their families. Please obtain the password from our centre staff.

  1. Please do NOT eat or drink during your treatment.  It can cause your blood pressure to drop and you may become unresponsive and choke.  But if you are concerned about nourishment during your treatment, please have a light meal before coming for your treatment.  We do provide a cup of tea, or coffee to you during treatment.
  2. Please respect the privacy of your fellow patients.  If you need to speak, please do so softly.

Sounding of dialysis machine during treatment
Your dialysis machine may sound occasionally.  There are built-in safety features in the machine to alert our staff when the settings for your treatment need adjustments.  Don’t be alarmed as our staff will attend to them.

After treatment

  1. You will be disconnected from the dialysis machine
  2. Our staff will record your vital signs again
  3. They will take your weight again.

We want to be sure that we are providing you the best care possible and that we are always working to improve what we do.  We will, therefore, be carrying out surveys on our performance.  Honest responses to our surveys will be greatly appreciated. All responses will be treated CONFIDENTIALLY.

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