Immediate Concerns

If I want… then I need to…
To know about my health problem: my diagnosis, what I can expect, and my treatment options

Learn all I can, decide what treatment I want, and:

  • Follow my meal plan and fluid limits
  • Take my medications
  • Go for my doctor’s appointment on time
  • Get all my prescribed treatments
  • Report my symptoms or problems
  • Ask questions if I don’t understand
To know how much my care will cost and what resources can help me pay
  •  Know my insurance coverage
  • Check my bills for errors
  • Pay my share
  • Tell my centre if my insurance changes
  • Ask for help if I can’t afford care
To know what drugs are prescribed for me, what they do, what side effects they may have, and what I should watch out for.

Ask about my drugs and take them:

To know what is in my medical records Know my medical history, remind my doctor and nurse of my needs, and ask if something sounds wrong to me.
To understand my lab tests and how their results guide my treatment

Ask my doctor and nurse:

  • What tests I had done
  • What the results mean
  • How my test results will guide my dialysis treatment

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