Following Your Treatment Plan

It is important to make sure that you follow your treatment plan, which is specially designed for your specific condition. Making the commitment to total wellness may seem difficult at first, but this plan was uniquely devised to make sure you are able to live well and feel better as the treatment progresses. The cost of dialysis treatment here in Singapore may not come at a cheap price, but committing to you wellness will make it all worth it.

There are three commitments essential to maintaining a full and healthy life despite renal failure. Take note of the following.

1. Receive Dialysis Treatments as Scheduled
Dialysis replicates the kidneys’ waste removal function using one of two filtration methods called “modalities”: haemodialysis  and peritoneal dialysis. Haemodialysis uses an external blood filter with a dialyzer acting as an artificial kidney, while in peritoneal dialysis, the filtration takes place internally using the blood vessels in the abdominal lining—the peritoneum.

Haemodialysis is typically performed within a dialysis centre, while peritoneal dialysis most often takes place within the patient’s home.

You and your doctor will select the best dialysis modality and treatment schedule for you. Healthy kidneys function 24 hours per day to remove excess fluid, salts, and waste products from your blood, but the average dialysis schedule allows for just 12 hours per week to perform the same function. It is important to maintain your treatment schedule to prevent these wastes from reaching unhealthy, even fatal, levels.

Renal Team’s friendly and knowledgeable nurses, comfortable dialysis chairs, flat-panel televisions and Internet access give you even greater flexibility over when to dialyze and how to make the most of that time.

2. Stick to Your Personal Diet Plan
Although dialysis replicates some kidney functions, you’ll need to regulate the amounts and proportions of fluid, salts, and nutrients introduced into your bloodstream. Our experienced dialysis nurses will help you create a personal diet plan based on your unique dietary needs and personal tastes.

Sticking to your diet plan will replenish important nutrients lost during dialysis, limit the amount of harmful wastes introduced into your bloodstream, and make your dialysis treatments less stressful for your body. Most importantly, following a healthy diet will improve your energy and quality of life in between your dialysis treatments, as well as keep your body active and vital for years to come.

3. Take Your Medication According to Prescription
Writing down all of your drugs may seem like a lot of work but the list can help you get the best care. Be sure to bring it along with you when seeing your doctor. The list will help your doctor see exactly what you are taking, so that he can review and make changes if necessary. If you have more than one doctor, you must show your list to all of them.

Your dialysis nurse may ask you to bring in your pills once a month. You may feel like they’re treating you like a child, but medication errors are common and this is what we want to avoid. Renal Team Singapore’s dialysis nurses will make sure that you take your pills at the right time and in the right way. They can also explain and tell you why you need these pills and which pill serves what purpose.

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