Don’t Worry, There is Life After Dialysis

For any patient, deciding whether or not to undergo kidney dialysis is a life-changing decision. Read the inspiring story of how Mr. Vijayarathinam, one of our patients from RenalTeam Tampines, found his will to fight despite being in a daunting situation of battling renal disease.

Life as a diabetic is challenging. As I had to alter my diet and lifestyle, this affected me as an auditor, which typically required me to travel a lot and eat out. And no matter how much I loved my work, I can’t deny it came with a stressful lifestyle. Despite these, I was very nonchalant. Afterall, my family and I were still able to live a comfortable life.

I thought that this was all I had to face, until the inevitable happened. My diabetes further led to kidney failure, which required me to undergo dialysis treatment. I had to completely change what I got used to. I had to give up my career at the age of 35 just to live a healthier life. Fortunately, my wife and three loving kids were supportive of my condition, and they always let me know that they were behind me no matter what.

By the year 2012, my kidneys have already failed and that dialysis was the only solution. I wasn’t ready to give up. I wanted to put up a fight. Being the positive person that I am, I researched everything I could about kidney dialysis treatment. I even talked to people who had the same condition. From the food that I could and couldn’t eat, to activities I couldn’t do anymore — I prepared myself for a big change in my life.

My wife knew someone who had the same condition and it was with his words that I felt great relief and a sudden burst of hope. The words still linger in my ear. It’s as if a great weight was lifted off my shoulders.

“Don’t worry. There is life after dialysis.”

Six years later, it happened. I had my first kidney dialysis session in a hospital. This was a difficult time for me. After being discharged, my wife learned about RenalTeam at Tampines Dialysis Centre. I found love at RenalTeam and I started my dialysis just this June.

My wife and I are so glad that we did not take the other kidney dialysis centres that were recommended by the hospital. The atmosphere in RenalTeam is different from the others. It was more comfortable. The staff were so great with us patients, it’s not difficult to feel the sincerity from the way they cared.

What’s even more great is that RenalTeam has its own mobile app, which my wife Kumada can use to easily keep track of my medication and dialysis treatments. We show this to our doctors as well when I have my follow-up consultations, which delights and impresses them. This is another proof of how RenalTeam stays true to their mission of empowering patients to take care of their health.

Now, even with kidney dialysis, I am able to eat, sleep, do my exercises, and even fetch my kids from school. I feel so much better now. My symptoms have gone and even my acid reflux has disappeared.

Of course, I still wish I had listened to the doctor when I was young. We all have regrets in our lives, but I’m certain I don’t regret coming here. I hope that the words that once lingered in my ears be a pushing force for you as well to continue fighting. This is not the end of the world.
“Don’t worry. There is life after dialysis.”

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